Immediate Basic Needs

Resources include, food shelf, clothing, shoes, hygiene, water, hot meal.

Our immediate needs inventory is a great tool for starting relationships. Talk about change can only begin after lifesaving needs are met. If a person has an empty belly or wet clothes, it is difficult to communicate with them about what is needed to change the circumstances that led to their homelessness, addiction or abuse. People find hope when they see the hand of God working to meet an immediate need such as hunger. At Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission we see change when we visit with someone in survival mode as they experience trust in our motives. To do that we simply love them with the love of Jesus. When they have our trust, we can help them to begin to feel hopeful because they see that they are valued and that they matter.

Click on our link to view our Amazon Wish List of supplies distributed daily here at the mission. Then, shop as you are led and your gifts will be delivered directly to us! We thank you for your support!

Other gently used items often requested are:

  • Pillows
  • Winter Gear
  • Blankets
  • Floor Mats
  • Candles
  • Belts
  • Rain Suits

Meeting these needs and all perpetual needs

are possible only by your generous and caring donations.


Friends come to Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission where we are

daily and actively meeting these needs and other needs at our Day Shelter.

Shelter Services


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Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission is recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3). Any and all business pertaining to the formation and continued operation of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc. is available upon request.