Mission Statement

Committed to serving alongside local churches and community,
to restore hope to those experiencing homelessness and poverty by meeting basic immediate
needs such as food, shelter and clothing; and long term spiritual needs through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc. is a faith-based Gospel Mission that serves the neediest in the City of Duluth MN. Along with outreach to the poor and downtrodden we have a huge focus on domestic abuse, addiction, and recovery. We believe the homeless shelter to be a recruiting ground for those seeking life change.

Our Values

  • We believe in one God, existing as three persons-The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
    1 John 5:7, Genesis 1:26-27, Hebrews 1:8, Psalm 110:1
  • We believe that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit and was born of a virgin and is God in human flesh.
    Isaiah 7:14, Luke 1:31-35, John 1:1, 14
  • We believe the Holy Scriptures are inspired by God and through the power of His Holy Spirit, the Scriptures are inerrant. We believe they are the final authority in faith and life.
    2 Timothy 3:15-17, 2 Peter 1:21
  • We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.
    Titus 2:15-17, Matthew 24:27, 44, Hebrews 9:28, Revelation 22:12
  • We believe in the power of God’s Holy Spirit to transform lives.
    Romans 8:13-14, Romans 12:1-2, John 6:13-15

Our Vision

The vision for Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission is multi purpose. We are a Gospel Rescue Mission. The difference is, a rescue mission focuses on long term care that has a positive effect on the relapse rate.

We pray to purchase or build a multi-unit facility serving the homeless and addicted with overnight accommodations 365 days a year. The vision is clear that the facility should exist on the West side in the city due to the fact that there are no other overnight accommodations for the homeless in that area. Duluth is a city with a population of 80,000 plus that has effective shelters and soup kitchens, yet mostly located in the downtown area.

​As friends arrive at Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission they will be managed case by case with their needs evaluated by a staff member to ensure that they will receive the proper care they need in that moment. Each individual will be given information on the Hot Meal Program, overnight accommodations and rules pertaining to staying with us. If a soul decides to stay for the night they will be provided with a shower, night clothes, a bed and a hygiene kit. Our staff member will also discuss the numerous programs offered through Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission that are designed to give direction and hope.

We believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and that His promises from the Holy Scriptures are meant for all. Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission (DHRM) is staffed with individuals whose lives have been changed through the power of God's own Holy Spirit. We want to share all God can do!

Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission has been providing support to men and women experiencing homelessness, addiction, and crisis since 2016


for men and women experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and human sex trafficking.


We use the shelter as a recruiting ground for those seeking life change, then build relationships, gain trust, and start change talk conversations. Then, we can implement all the numerous resources available, including the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its powerful truths and promises.


Hope is restored, thoughts of suicide, shame and guilt are diminished as souls come to accept that they are worthy of God’s love.


Millie’s House of Hope exists for women to experience a safe and peaceful living environment as they are supported through their crisis and experiencing healing and growth.


Women can stay for up to one year in our Faith-based women’s home as they seek personal growth in Jesus Christ, build a strong support network, and learn life skills to assist them in their day to day living.


Women are equipped spiritually, mentally, and physically, to return to their community, families, and their children.


Millie’s House of Hope exists for homeless women to experience a safe, peaceful living environment, along with personal growth and healing from their crisis.


A faith-based program which enables women to experience who they are in Christ and how that identity provides a firm foundation for a thriving life. Woman are equipped spiritually, and guided through proper life skills teachings.


After their stay, which can be up to one year, ladies are prepared to have a positive impact in their community, their families, and for many, even back into the lives of their children. Women will leave Millie’s House with confidence, strategies, new relationships, and much more, which will support their new beginning.


It is very well-known that most men and women experiencing homelessness today, suffer from substance abuse. Along with substances, mental illness overtakes their minds. It is very difficult to maintain housing while still in active drug use.


It is essential that todays homeless soul seeks the root cause of their homelessness and manages that. We assist men and women in their search for the right treatment facility. We continue communication with them while they are healing. Once they have completed treatment, we can assist with relapse prevention as they enter back into their community and family life.


The homeless soul is more apt to retain their new living space after treatment with proper support and goals in place. Most cannot do it alone; it is imperative that those new in recovery have a strong team in place directly out of treatment.

Founding Story of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission and message

by Founder and CEO, Veronica Ciurleo

Give Hope. Help Today

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Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc.
2910 West 3rd Street
Duluth, MN 55806


Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission is recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3). Any and all business pertaining to the formation and continued operation of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc. is available upon request.

Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission is recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3). Any and all business pertaining to the formation and continued operation of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc. is available upon request.