How We Help

We are here for the lost, hungry, weary, homeless, abused, tired, rejected, addicted, afflicted, confused, poor and depressed.

How We Help

Daily Basic Needs

During open hours, hot meals are offered at all hours as well as Baby Essentials and clothing as needed, especially winter gear to the homeless and in need.


Day Shelter and Services

Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Day Shelter is a safe, quiet resting place for those who are homeless and those in need of a moment of rest. We also give support and other services to those in need.


Friendship / Fellowship

Building relationships with mutual trust and respect is vital. We can’t expect someone to hear and receive the Gospel if they are hungry, tired, and depressed. They must see that WE are the real deal; that we care before they will put their trust in a God they can not see.



As specific life change focus opportunities and care for long term change, our programs are designed to support and advance the ministry of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission to restore hope to the hopeless as we introduce the lost and weary to Jesus Christ.


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Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc.
2910 West 3rd Street
Duluth, MN 55806


Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission is recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3). Any and all business pertaining to the formation and continued operation of Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission Inc. is available upon request.