Friendship / Fellowship

We believe that if you don’t like your circumstances, you can create different circumstances for yourself by making different choices. While that may be true most of the time, try convincing people without hope that there is a chance. When people are in the pit of desperation, they see no options and are simply hard wired to survive. People lose hope and that is one of the barriers that keeps them in poverty. Our homeless day shelter meets the immediate needs of the neediest. When friends come in, they are concerned about food, shelter, clothing, and cleanliness. Until these needs are met, they do not have the emotional, physical, or mental resources to focus on things such as working and caring for themselves. Our staff is grounded in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ which then in turn helps build amazing relationships with our friends. As we love, and can supply their basic needs, we are able to have amazing conversations over coffee and / or lunch, hence, building a relationship. We have had friends say, “We don’t want to tell our other ‘homeless friends’ about you because we don’t want this place to become bad." They feel safe and secure in this place as they find rest from the world’s turmoil and elements; and that’s a huge step forward in a breakthrough for many homeless people. They are not herded in, nor herded out on a time schedule. They are welcomed and important to us all day long if they choose to stay all day. Surely, they often become committed to the positive life choices necessary to make life changes. Love and acceptance extended to a homeless person, or an active drug user, just as they are, restores their hope and their circumstances change, because they believe they do matter and there is a still chance.

Friends come to Duluth Harbor Mission where we are

daily actively meeting needs and providing a safe place at our Day Shelter.

Day Shelter and Services


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Duluth Harbor Mission is recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3). Any and all business pertaining to the formation and continued operation of Duluth Harbor Mission Inc. is available upon request.