Outreach Opportunities

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" Matt. 4:19

Duluth's Urban Outreach Program (DU-OP)

Duluth Urban Outreach Opportunity, is a Short-Term Mission experience.  Ministries, church groups and individuals from all over the United States are invited to share in the hands on opportunities to minister to the locals of the Duluth/Superior Wisconsin areas. Groups will select from a variety of outreach and packages that will include a 1-week or 1 week-end experience. Guests of Duluth Harbor Mission will be housed in a separate unit from the shelter and meals will be in the shelter dining room. Duluth Harbor Mission will have classes before each outreach that will offer practical training for the specific type of outreach on the agenda that day. Examples of outreach are as follows but not limited to:

    • Minister to Duluth's homeless: Minister with love and compassion to Duluth’s homeless and weary. During this outreach we will distribute blankets, hygiene kits, sandwiches and New Testaments. Groups can also sign up to serve at Duluth Harbor Mission during meal time or at one of Duluth’s other local shelters.
    • Prayer walks: Silently pray for the cities of Duluth and Superior, our Nation and your home town while walk over the Bong Bridge which connects Minnesota with Wisconsin. The Bong Bridge is a 3 mile long bridge and we walk to the middle, then return.
    • Wagon walks: The group will go out into the city sidewalks while pulling wagons with coffee, sandwiches, hygiene items, and socks as they stop to say hello to the people in our community. Every person is offered a Bible, and prayer.
    • Hosting activities at a local residential home: This outreach is rocks Your team will offer a time of much needed fellowship as they play games, sing, and converse with the residents of some of Duluth’s low income residential housing units. The ages of the residents can vary from late 20’s to their 70’s. We bring hygiene items to distribute, and make root beer floats and popcorn. This is a very special time for our local friends!
    • Prayer station: Your group will offer free coffee, water, snacks and conversation to locals. All the activity is centered around our big red Prayer Station. Those who are equipped will offer prayer for the needs of the people who stop to chat. This outreach and our wagon walks are the favorite outreaches for the community.
    • Drama, skits, puppets: We invite your team to come to Duluth with a creative outreach of your own. We will go door to door inviting locals to your event in a local park. Duluth Harbor Mission will supply a BBQ grill, hot dogs, chips, and beverage. Your team will play games with children, perform and serve our friends in the park with their meals. Transportation throughout the city will be offered by Duluth Harbor Mission.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Recognized by the MN Attorney General’s Office as a Charitable Organization with a 501(c)(3).
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