Millie’s House for Women and Children

Millie's House is a women's faith based after care program that is a safe, sober home for women who have completed treatment or incarceration and desire a firm foundation that will enable them to be reconciled back with their children.

Women will be ministered to in education topics such as:

  • Character development
  • Work Ethic development
  • Dependability training
  • Integrity development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial literacy
  • Computer literacy
  • Overcoming barriers to employment
  • Teamwork skills development
  • Time management skills
  • Reading comprehensive development
  • Writing skills, as well as other life skills

Mrs. Millie Griese

Woman of God, Prayer Warrior & Spiritual mentor to our Executive Director, Veronica Ciurleo for 10 years. Through Millie, the Lord allowed Veronica to see who she is in Christ, become awakened to the promises of Scripture, the power of prayer and spiritual warfare. Lessons with Millie enabled Veronica to overcome the brokenness in her life.


*Millie's House for Women and Children is currently not active but is a very important part of the vision of Duluth Harbor Mission.


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