Daily Basic Needs

Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission helps men, women, and children with the basic immediate needs and food so they have the resources and energy to face their tomorrow. For some people, hope begins with a meal. As we welcome all to our Day Shelter, we offer and serve each person's immediate needs. This is possible only through generous donations.

When people live day to day in survival mode, a hot meal and true loving fellowship can give a reason not to give up. When they have that reason, they have hope to continue the battle.

During open hours, Hot Meals are offered as well as Baby Essentials and clothing as needed, especially winter gear to the homeless and in need and more. See our schedule for current times of our Daily Basic Needs operation and assistance.

We strive to provide these on a daily basis to each person:

  • Hot Meals - We welcome all for a free hot meal at any hour during our operating hours. See our operating schedule.
  • Hygiene Kits - Personal Hygiene Kits are available to all walk-ins as needed and as available and is an element to aid self-esteem. Each kit includes, but is not limited to: shampoo, body wash, a wash cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant.
  • Baby Essentials - Diapers are an expensive necessity for baby. Often, especially towards the end of the month when money runs low in a poverty-stricken family, diapers are hard to come by. We will distribute, for free, diapers and other essentials for baby during our operating hours and at a diaper distribution on Saturday of each week. The distribution will also include wipes, and creams for baby.
  • Winter Gear - Duluth's winters are long and can be detrimental for the homeless. Through donations, we strive to provide winter essentials such as coats and jackets, mitts, hats, scarfs, and warm layers. Even in the summer the evenings are cold. These things are so impactful and are given all year long.
  • Shoes and Socks - Clean and warm socks are provided upon request as well as shoes and also in conjunction with our Feet Washing service (see below).
  • Monday Laundry Service - Guests are able to wash two loads of clothes. (Individuals are able to wash two loads and families are able to bring 4 loads.) We supply the soap and means for the wash and dry. Currently only on Mondays.
  • Food Bags - For the homeless and for those not displaced but who have run short on funds for the month, food bags for these in need can go a long way for an individual or family.
  • Feet Washing - We offer feet washing for the tired and weary as a service of care.
  • Blankets & Sleeping Gear - We strive to give mercy and hope even in the simple opportunities to provide blankets, sleeping mats or pillows for the homeless.

Meeting these needs and all perpetual needs

are possible only by your generous and caring donations.


Friends come to Duluth Harbor Rescue Mission where we are

daily and actively meeting these needs and other needs at our Day Shelter.

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